Download Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps v16.2.9 Cracked APK

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps 

GPS Navigasi & Maps Dunia Paling Terpasang Offline turn-by-turn navigasi GPS App untuk Android didukung oleh TomTom Maps. Navigasi dan Maps diinstal pada kartu SD sehingga tidak ada kebutuhan untuk koneksi internet ketika menavigasi. Anda dapat menikmati navigasi gratis, gps, peta offline TomTom, POI, rute perencanaan & update peta. Untuk mendapatkan hasil maksimal dari navigasi, upgrade ke premium dan menikmati high-end seumur hidup fitur: peta 3D, real-time navigasi panduan suara turn-by-turn, panduan jalur, peringatan batas kecepatan & tampilan persimpangan dengan panah indikator lane di kompleks persimpangan.


  • Intuitive voice navigation in different languages
  • High quality TomTom maps stored on the device
  • Cross-border routing & navigation without the need to switch between countries or to a less detailed map
  • Works with GPS only, internet is not needed
  • Millions of free pre-installed POIs
  • Head-up Display (HUD) available
  • 3D Cities & Landscape for easy orientation
  • Pedestrian navigation to walk and explore
  • Dynamic Lane Guidance for safe lane changes
  • Junction View to highlights highway exists
  • Warnings for exceeded Speed Limit
  • Warnings for fixed speedcams
  • Police trap warnings from other drivers
  • Spoken Street Names to focus on the road
  • Three Alternative Routes to choose from
  • Easy Drag & Drop route editing
  • Waypoints for places you want to visit
  • Avoid Toll Roads on your route
  • Graphics optimized for tablet & HD displays
  • Car Audio Integration – Bluetooth or cable

How to Install ?

  1. Uninstall the previous version and delete the folder Sygic <—Start clean!
  2. Copy Sygic folder to root internal or external SD <—Use from first post only!
  3. Add maps <—–Use the map downloader from First post.
    Maps FULL Europe
     Maps 2015.09
  4. Add Voices
  5. Install Patched APK <—do not open it yet!
  6. When you first start Sygic do not send e-mail press SKIP.
  7. Enjoy !




Sygic Cracked APK

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Cracked Apk [14.2 MB]

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Base [160.5 MB]

Sygic Patched APK + blocked data/reactivation

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Patched Apk [14.2 MB]

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Base [160.5 MB]

Sygic  Untouched APK

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Untouched Apk [15.8 MB]

Sygic GPS Navigation & Maps Base [160.5 MB]

Maps And Maps Downloader

Sygic Maps Selector FULL v2.0.4

Sygic Maps Selector Cracked APK 

Sygic Maps Downloader  [2016.06.09]

Sygic Maps Downloader [1.2 MB]

OpenStreetMap 3D buildings

Sygic OpenStreetMap 3D buildings [1.5 MB]

Sygic Maps

Full Asia Maps

Full Africa Maps

Full Australia & New Zealand Maps