Download GioMods WhatsApp OR WhatsAppGio v2.12.304 APK


GioMods WhatsApp OR WhatsAppGio

GioMods WhatsApp ATAU WhatsAppGio Terbaik WhatsApp Mod dengan GioMods WhatsApp GioMods didasarkan pada WhatsApp v1.12.304 dan berisi beberapa fitur tambahan dan mods.Enhance pengalaman WhatsApp Anda dengan GioMods.


  • Added privacy stuff
  • Pause last seen | Hide second tick | Hide blue ticks | Hide blue microphone | Hide recording and typing (seperated options for groups, broadcasts and contacts)
  • Fixed verification by sms (No modified client errors anymore)
  • Option to copy the status from a contact by pressing it
  • Simplified code for speed
  • Backup/Restore/Restart functions
  • Updater inside the app
  • Removed update dialog which is shown in beta releases from WhatsApp
  • Anti-Ban
  • Much more check it yourself after installing

What’s New ?

  • Base update (WhatsApp v2.12.304)
  • Improved and more

How to Install ?

  1. Install original WhatsApp and save conversations.
  2. Create a backup of your chats on your phone.
  3. Uninstall original whatsapp.
  4. Download and Install WhatsApp GioMods.
  5. Restore Backup.
  6. Start using it ! Enjoy !!



GioMods WhatsApp OR WhatsAppGio v2.12.304 APK Server1 | Server2 [18,9 MB]